The Fifth Element - Spirit

There is a fifth element that most of us the in the Craft recognize. This is the element of Spirit, known as Ether or Akasha. This is the element that transcends, yet is a part of, all the other elements. It takes the name of Akasha from that place on the astral where the akashic records are held, the accounting of all that has happened in the past, present, and future of the universe and beyond. Akasha is actually an East Indian word meaning inner-space, reflecting our belief that the universe is both within and without ourselves.

The Ethereal element has no direction, yet encompasses all directions. It is the Center, the circumference, above and below. It is beyond seasons and time, yet is all seasons and time.

It is the purely spiritual element, the realm of the All. It is protection and justice, movement and mastery, life and death and rebirth. It is often symbolized by the turning wheel, or the sign of Infinity.

The 'Vaisesika Philosophy,' Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy, by R. Puligandla says of Akasha: "The fifth material substance, namely, akasa (ether), not to be confused with space, is the substratum of the quality of sound. Like atoms, akasa is indivisible, eternal and imperceivable; but, unlike them, it is infinite and all-pervading. Akasa is inferred from the sensed quality of sound."

Table of Correspondences for the Element of Ether

Direction Center and Circumference, Within and Throughout
Rules Transcendence, transformation, change, immanence, balance
Essence Underlies all, connecting all
Energy Flow Nonlocal
Feeling Bliss
Direction of View Holistic
Part of Person Spirit
Consciousness Enlightenment
Physical State Singularity
Image Blue-White Light
Word of Power OM
Posture Back straight, arms sweep, then rest at side
Affirmation I am Balanced. I am All.
Virtues Beyond the concept
Vices Beyond the concept
Time Beyond time, for all time is one time
Season The turning wheel
Colors Violet, Ultraviolet
Tools Cauldron, Altar
Spirits Demigods and Goddesses
Wind Tornado of Power
Sense Inner Knowing
Incense Combination Incense
Plants Mistletoe
Tree The Flowering Almond
Animals Sphinx
Goddesses Isis, Shekinah, the secret name of the Goddess, Hera
Gods Akasha, JHVH, Buddha, Zeus
Quarter Center
Tool Cord
Quarter Candle Silver or Purple
Chakra Candle Violet
Chakra The Third Eye
Idea Vision/Wisdom
Visualization Violet Pentacle